Friday, 12 August 2011

When Life gives you Lemons, You make LUSH Face Cream?

Recently I have been putting the LUSH 'Enzymion Moisturizer' to the test.  So I have really bad oily skin, and I mean BAD!  1 Hour after my foundations on and I already have the blotting tissues out.  Nothing has worked on my poor little oil ball, so I've been on a hunt for a face cream the will matte my face.... and keep it matte.  Well I have come across a lil' angel sent from above!  LUSH Cosmetics do THE best Cream/Moisturizer that will tip all your other face cream lark.  This Face Moisturizer is infused with tons of Lemons. Lemon products are meant to work wonders on oily skins (not raw real lemons though!). Let me include a little segment from the LUSH website on the little magical product. ''Brightening moisturizer to make oily skin matte and dull skin radiant. Enzymion is for oily skin. Does yours reflect light a couple of hours after cleansing? Do you long to look smooth and matte? Enzymion goes straight for those oils and makes them disappear.''  I put my full trust in the product.  It sells for £13.50 for a 45g jar.  I wouldn't recommend this for sensitive skin types. Its very powerful and full of Lime Oil, Tangerine Oil, Freshly Juiced Papaya and Freshly Juiced Lemons (loads on lemon infusion!).  Use this no more than 4 times a week.  I get eczma around my eyes and I'm prone to breakouts and usingthis moisturizer more than 4 times a week is too over powering.  Get a sample from your store and try it out before purchasing a full pot.  TIPS! : Apply a little all over your face.  Exclude the gentle eye area. DO NOT USE if you have sensitive skin or if you have very bad acne.
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and remember, Beauty comes in all forms not just size 6.
*not saying size 6 isn't beautiful! :)*   

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