Thursday, 7 April 2011

MAC Quite Cute Collection!

I'ts Officially Spring! I'm loving the sunny weather here, I took this photo in the evening! I'ts still light and sunny at 6.00pm!

MAC Quite Cute Collection.
So the collection came out in my MAC Store today and I loved the nail paints and one of the lipsticks which I bought.  I thought the collection was not the best.  MAC could have added cute designs the the packaging and brought out some eyeshadows with this Pastel Colour collection.
Here is a photo of the Nail Pain in 'Ice Cream Cake'!  Its more pink than the photo shows. Its more like a Bubble gum pink/barbie pink. But oh well you get the idea :)
  I love the lipstick, 'Play Time' Its a beautiful Purple/Pink. I LOVE it!

Watch my YouTube Video! ^
Overall I love the 2 goodies I got from the collection, and I will definatley be wearing them this upcoming Summer!
xox Ellie

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